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What is the Victorian Rural Drainage Strategy?

The Victorian Rural Drainage Strategy (2018) supports landholders to make choices about how they want to manage dryland rural drainage to support agricultural production. The strategy outlines actions and policies that:

  • clarify the roles and responsibilities and obligations of landholders and government agencies to manage dryland rural drainage.
  • rebuild the capability for landholders and government agencies to manage dryland rural drainage
  • simplify previously complex and confusing regulations and approval processes, and in doing so reinforce obligations on landholders to protect and nurture their local environment and to respect the cultural values of Aboriginal Victorians when conducting future drainage works.
  • help manage priority waterways impacted by rural drainage to provide cultural and environmental benefits.

You can view and download the Victorian Rural Drainage Strategy and supporting materials below, including a summary and progress report.

Victorian Rural Drainage Strategy

Mid-term progress report

The following report summarises the achievements to date.

Dryland rural drainage resource kit for landholders

The resource kit includes:

  • answers to frequently asked questions
  • an overview of the ways landholders can manage dryland rural drainage and the support available
  • information about landholders’ obligations to obtain approvals for works and guidance on developing a drainage management plan
  • guidance for landholders seeking the best value for money for drainage works, while minimising the possible impacts
  • options for dispute resolution
  • advice on working collectively and information about the legal arrangements for establishing drainage committees and the options for governance structures.

Rural drainage assessment calculator and guides

The rural drainage assessment calculator is a technical tool available to help landholders consider the likely costs and benefits of investing in improved dryland rural drainage (see the tool guide for detailed instructions).

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