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Changing from REALM to Source

Since 2022, DEECA has retired REALM and is now using the Source modelling platform.

As a result, REALM resources are no longer updated by DEECA.

The REALM files provided on this webpage are the latest as of January 2022. These files reflect the accumulation of decades of development in REALM software.


REALM is a computer program that can simulate the operation of urban and rural water supply systems.

It can simulate supply systems during droughts or normal and high streamflows. It can also simulate simple water supply systems as well as large and complex ones.

REALM manuals

The REALM manuals and guide explain how to run REALM and describe the program's attributes.

Although the software has been tested rigorously, the authors, DEECA and Victoria University, take no responsibility for the performance of the software and adequacy of documentation.

Page last updated: 08/09/23