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Managing coastal flood risks

The Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy outlines the responsibilities for coastal flood risk management in relation to:

  • sharing coastal flood risk information
  • assessing specific coastal hazards
  • mapping coastal inundation at different scales
  • land use planning and coastal flooding
  • emergency management for coastal flooding.

Identification of coastal flood risks will happen via coastal hazard assessments.

Actions we will take for coastal flood risk management

When identifying assessments, developing models and standards, we will:

  • develop the criteria and process for identifying priorities for coastal hazard assessments
  • develop and maintain standards for modelling and mapping coastal flooding
  • undertake coastal hazard assessments for the priority areas identified through regional coastal plans.

When working with local councils, we will support them in preparing coastal flood studies for the priority areas identified through:

  • coastal hazard assessments
  • regional floodplain management strategies.

Local councils in areas at risk of coastal flooding will:

  • ensure their planning schemes correctly identify the areas at risk of coastal flooding
  • have the appropriate objectives and strategies to guide decisions in exercising land use controls relating to flooding.

We will also support local councils to strengthen their capacity to adapt to the effects of coastal flooding.

We work together with the following organisations to support coastal hazard assessment work and data collection after coastal flooding and storm surges:

Page last updated: 08/09/23