Project delivery: Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority

Targeted outcomes:

  • Environmental; Native vegetation, fauna and fish
  • Economic; Town water supply

The Rivers of Warrnambool Flagship Waterway Project aims to protect and rehabilitate the Merri and Hopkins rivers and Brucknell Creek by restoring natural values and connecting people to the rivers.

Restoration works

The rivers, wetlands and estuaries that make up the Flagship Waterway site support a diverse range of native fish, platypus and waterbirds.

Around 140 hectares of habitat will be improved through on-ground works such as fencing, weed control and revegetation.

Glenelg Hopkins CMA will deliver the project alongside Traditional Owners, the Eastern Maar people. They will also engage with community groups, local organisations and private landholders.

The project will also engage angling groups in riparian and in-stream restoration works by:

  • identifying areas for instream habitat reintroductions
  • installing instream habitat
  • monitoring fish populations.

Page last updated: 09/09/23