The Our Catchments, Our Communities (OCOC) Leadership Development Grants support aspiring future leaders in integrated catchment management in Victoria.

The 3 grant categories are:

  • Aboriginal leadership - recognising and supporting Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Victorians as leaders
  • Women in leadership - improving diversity and inclusion and the opportunity for women to lead
  • Innovation - new approaches and knowledge to address contemporary issues in integrated catchment management.

Each year funding of up to $10,0000 is awarded per category to early to mid career professionals in the natural resource management (NRM) sector.

Recipients receive support for travel, research, study, training and other forms of professional development related to integrated catchment management.

Knowledge and experience gained is shared to strengthen the sector.

Key achievements to date

Learn more about our grant recipients.

Year of grant: 2022

Grant category: Aboriginal leadership

Andrew (Cobba) Harrison - Wimmera CMA

  • Shadow experienced leaders to build confidence, knowledge and leadership skills in water management and support Traditional Owners to be key partners in water management.

Grant category: Women in leadership

Francesca Noakes - North East CMA

  • Build conflict management, goal setting and staff management skills to support and help champion Traditional Owners in the north east region in NRM policy and strategy development.

Jane Walker - Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation (GMTOAC)

  • Gain leadership skills to build GMTOAC’s capacity as a Traditional Owner Corporation and strengthen their strategic direction.

Kristen McNamara - Southern Rural Water

  • Develop communication and negotiation capacity to support a whole-of-system approach in infrastructure services and communicate this to colleagues and the community.

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