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From the global to local levels, there's a lot to consider when it comes to managing Victoria's water resources.

How do we put into action a global climate change strategy at the local level?

Urban Water Strategies (UWSs) are the key planning tool in delivering safe and sustainable water supplies for our cities and towns.

Our Urban Water Strategies drive the local delivery of priority water policies such as:

Climate change presents unknown consequences and uncertainty around our future water needs. But with hydrological modelling, we can use data and trends to forecast what might happen.

Models consider many possible outcomes using scenario planning. They can simulate low, medium and high climate change scenarios to account for some of the uncertainty posed by climate change.

This helps us plan for future water infrastructure investment or water-saving technology.

Models for strategy and decision-making

Urban Water Strategies are one example of where models have been key in strategy development and decision-making. Models are cost-effective tools developed and maintained to be useful for many purposes.

Over decades, they have contributed to:

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