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Actions status: 7.1 to 7.7

7.1 Victoria will put forward water recovery targets to guide the Commonwealth Government's $3.1 billion water purchase program and Basin Plan.

NR SWS water recovery targets for river systems were proposed to the Murray-Darling Basin Authority as part of the development of the Basin Plan. The targets were adopted as the Local Reduction Amounts for Victorian valleys in the Basin Plan. MDBA imposed additional water recovery on top of Local reduction amounts (Shared Reduction Amount) is available for use in wetlands

Action status: Complete

The Victorian Environmental Water Holder was established on 1 July 2011 (see Part 3AA of Water Act 1989). The VEWH is in its fifth year of operation.

Action status: Complete

The Victorian Government's Response to the proposed Basin Plan April 2012, reports that Victoria submitted an environmental works prospectus with more than $380 million of water projects that would help to achieve the same, or similar environmental outcomes with far less water (Basin Plan Proposal April 2012).

These projects were further developed in the Victorian Murray Darling Basin Environmental Works and Measures Feasibility Program for consideration as part of the Basin Plan SDL Adjustment Mechanism.

A shortlist of the projects was further developed for consideration by the SDL Adjustment Assessment Committee for inclusion as part of the SDL Adjustment Mechanism.

Action status: Complete

Specific guidelines have not been required as the use of consumptive water en route is now a routine option for supplementing the use of environmental water. The VEWH formally recognises the volume of consumptive water en route that may be available as part of estimating water availability.

Action status: Complete

Policies for Managing Take and Use Licences permit the issuing of an all-year licence to pump water from the waterway for stock to drink. This is to provide stock water where the riparian zone has been fenced.

Programs for managing crown water frontages continue to be made available to landholders.

Action status: Complete

The seasonally adaptive approach has been built into the Improving Our Waterways: Victorian Waterway Management Strategy 2013 - see section 4.2.5 of the strategy.

Action status: Complete

The process for considering changes to environmental objectives has been incorporated into the Victorian Waterway Management Strategy 2013 - see section 4.2.7 of the strategy.

The need to change environmental management objectives may be considered as part of the 15-year review of water resources (refer to Part 3 Division 1C of the Water Act 1989). It will be informed by Regional Waterway Strategies developed by CMAs.

Action status: Ongoing

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