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Water corporations provide a range of water services to customers within their service areas, including:

  • water supply
  • sewage and trade waste disposal and treatment
  • water delivery for irrigation and domestic and stock purposes
  • drainage
  • salinity mitigation services.

Several also manage bulk water storage and designated recreational areas and help the operation of the Victorian Water Register.

Which water corporation supplies your area

Our interactive map shows:

  • Water storage locations
  • Water corporations
  • Catchment Management Authorities
  • Registered Aboriginal Parties
  • Local Government areas

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How to use the map

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Why are the water corporation boundaries not exact?

  • Water corporation and catchment management authority boundaries are intended as a guide only.
  • In some areas, more than one water corporation may provide different water services.
  • Some rural areas may not be serviced by any water corporation.

The Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council updates Registered Aboriginal Party boundaries.

Metropolitan water corporations

Urban water corporations

Urban water corporations provide water supply (including recycled water) and sewage and trade waste disposal services to urban customers.

Rural water corporations

These water corporations provide rural water services, including water supply, drainage, and salinity mitigation services for irrigation and domestic and stock purposes.

Catchment Management Authorities

Catchment management authorities are responsible for the integrated planning and coordination of land, water and biodiversity management in each catchment and land protection regions.

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