Improving diversity and creating a more inclusive water sector is important. Having targeted approaches to improve gender and cultural diversity in executive leadership and organisations will help build a culture open to new ideas and is a better representative of the community.

The government requires water corporations to focus on strategies to improve:

  • diversity
  • gender equity under the Gender Equality Act 2020
  • the participation of Aboriginal people in their business operations.

The benefits of a diverse workforce

Some benefits of having greater gender and cultural diversity in boards and executive leadership in the water sector includes:

  • a larger range of perspectives with new ideas
  • providing more innovative service delivery.

Gender diversity in water corporations

Male 61.88%, self-described 0.06%, female 38.06%
2021-22 Water Corporations Annual Reports. Total workforce about 6,296 full-time employees
Gender diversity in water corporations

Water Corporations employee gender diversity breakdown.

  • Self-described 0.06%
  • Female 38.06%
  • Male 61.88%.
2021 - 2022 water corporations employee gender diversity breakdown

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