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The Annual Water Outlook keeps Victorians informed about the State’s water supplies. It also outlines the plans water corporations will put in place to cope with any shortages if they arise, particularly over summer and autumn.

The Outlook synthesises information from Victoria’s 18 urban and rural water corporations' annual water outlooks.

Victorian Annual Water Outlook 2022–2023

Covering the period February to November 2023 and published in February 2023.

Annual Water Outlook 2022-2023 report

The Annual Water Outlook PDF contains interactive elements, best viewed in the Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers.

Guide to water supplies for the coming year video

Water corporations' outlook reports

Each year, on 1 December water corporations publish an outlook report on the current condition of each water supply system, including storage positions and predicted future water availability. They also outline strategies to meet customer demand over the next 12 months.

Previous annual water outlook reports

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