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Permanent water saving rules

The permanent water saving rules are common-sense rules to help us use water efficiently across Victoria. These rules are always in place across the state. The more severe rule or restriction applies when water restrictions are in place. Breaking these rules could result in penalties.

The rules are uniform across Victoria and are included in each water corporation's permanent water saving plan. The rules will not prevent the need for water restrictions during major drought periods but will help us use water more efficiently and encourage all Victorians to value this precious resource for the long term.

Water restrictions

Water corporations sometimes use water restrictions to help manage urban water use when water supplies are low. There are 4 stages of restrictions, ranging from stage 1 (mild) to stage 4 (severe).

Water restrictions only apply to customers on a piped (reticulated) supply. They do not apply to recycled, reclaimed, rain or grey water unless supplemented/topped up by drinking (potable) water.

Who manages water restrictions?

Victoria’s urban water corporations manage water restrictions. Each stage of restriction is set out in the water restriction by-law of your water corporation and implementation of these restrictions is guided by its Drought Preparedness Plan.

Although restriction policies are based on uniform guidelines, your water corporation may have minor variations in the details to account for local conditions.

Water corporations may grant exemptions to those with special needs and who have principles in place to ensure consistent exemption allocations.

Contact your water corporation for more information regarding restriction by-law or exemptions from water restrictions.

Your water corporation also prepares Drought Preparedness Plan (DPP) that can be accessed through its website.

When do water restrictions apply to me?

Annual Water Outlook

Each year, the Victorian water industry prepares Annual Water Outlooks that are used to inform the community and outline actions that will help to protect the security of Victoria’s water supply.

Water corporations' water saving tips and rules

Metropolitan Water Corporations

Regional Water Corporations

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