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The Lower Murray Water (LMW) Sunraysia Water Efficiency Project (SWEP) is an irrigation modernisation project which will recover water by reducing losses from water delivery infrastructure in the Sunraysia Irrigation Districts of Mildura, Merbein and Red Cliffs.

This work will help achieve an additional 1.8 GL of long-term water recovery to support environmental flows in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Any additional water recovery achieved above 1.8 GL is to be allocated on a 50:50 basis to deliver water for Traditional Owners and improved urban water security to LMW customers in Mallee towns.

2022-2023 Independent audit of long-term water recovery

The 2023 audit for the LMW SWEP has verified the long-term water recovery achieved as of August 2023. The completed irrigation modernisation works have achieved 314 ML of long-term water recovery.

Victoria will transfer 300 ML of this long-term water recovery to the CEWH by 10 May 2024. This is the first instalment of a total of 1.8 GL of water recovery committed to the Australian Government. The audit was undertaken by independent auditor Hydrology and Risk Consulting Pty Ltd.

System and process

The auditor was satisfied that LMW SWEP had completed the works claimed in the calculations. The auditor attests that the 314.3 ML of long-term water recovery has been accurately calculated in accordance with the water savings protocol.

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