Project delivery: Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority

Targeted outcomes:

  • Environmental: Native vegetation, fish and fauna.
  • Social: Recreational, Community connection, cultural and heritage
  • Long-term monitoring site

Restoration works

The Strathbogie Ranges in the Goulburn Broken area offers breathtaking views and clean water from mountain streams. These streams are an important water source for neighbouring towns and provide critical habitat for a range of native plants, fish and fauna.

The Strathbogie Streams Flagship Waterway project covers 2 priority waterways within the Strathbogie Ranges – Seven Creeks and Hughes Creek.

Both waterways contain populations of the nationally threatened Macquarie perch and the rare Southern pygmy perch. Seven Creeks also contain the endangered Trout Cod.

Goulburn Broken CMA is leading the project in partnership with Traditional Owners and the local community.

The project’s main objectives are to improve instream habitat and streamside vegetation, increase community awareness of Macquarie perch and efforts to improve waterway health and provide opportunities for Traditional Owners to work on Country.

A creek is surrounded by native eucalypts. A series of saw-off logs stick out from the water, surrounded by large stones. There are also large reeds growing on the other side of the creek’s bank. There is also a large willow tree; a non-native tree that negatively affects the health of river and creek ecosystems.
Instream habitat works – large wood and boulders are being placed in the streams to provide habitat for fish and other fauna, encourage depth in channels and improve and protect river banks.
Source: Courtesy of GBCMA

Page last updated: 09/09/23