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The Murray-Darling Basin serves many social, environmental, economic and cultural values. It aims to improve the health of the Basin. It addresses decades of overuse of water and the impacts of drought.

The Basin Plan includes monitoring and measurement requirements designed to gauge our performance. These reports occur annually (Category B) or every 5 years (Category A).

Social and economic outcomes

Matter 3, Category A, Chapter 5 of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Read more at the social and economic impacts of the Basin Plan in Victoria.

Environmental outcomes

Matter 8, Category A, Chapter 8

Read our summary of the environmental outcomes.

Water quality

Matter 12, Category A, Chapter 9

Read more about water quality and Basin salinity management.

Water resource plans efficiency and effectiveness

Matter 18, Category A, Chapter 10

Read the water resource plans.

Independent Expert Panel report on SDLAM

Read the summary of the Blackmore report.

Basin Environmental Report Card

The basin environmental report card shows that Victoria has made real progress. It shows the realised benefits of environmental watering in northern Victoria.

Victoria heavily invests in monitoring the outcomes from environmental watering through various programs. These show positive outcomes in many rivers and wetlands, including:

  • increases in the abundance of native fish for many species and waterways
  • waterbirds are responding, with their habitat protected for breeding
  • vegetation is responding, with better condition and increases in some threatened species
  • early indications that frogs are responding well.

Complementary measures are critical to realise the full benefits of environmental watering. These measures include:

  • control of stock grazing
  • feral animals
  • weeds
  • fishways.

Water for the environment also has many broader benefits that support the social and economic fabric of our communities. Some of these benefits include:

  • water to sustain Country and support cultural uses for Traditional Owners
  • local recreation opportunities in and around waterways
  • encouraging tourism industries
  • supporting health, recreation and recuperation for local communities.

As development has occurred across Victoria, many areas have been disconnected from their natural watering regime to prevent flooding and regulate supply. These areas now can’t be actively watered to support their ecological condition.

Continuing to invest in environmental works to reconnect targeted areas is critical to achieving the Basin Plan’s objectives and to enable environmental watering across a larger area of our important environmental assets. This will also help nearby areas to recover when large floods occur.

Page last updated: 08/09/23