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Healthy waterways for all

Healthy waterways are vital for the Central and Gippsland region’s:

  • health
  • economy
  • livability.

They support:

  • agriculture
  • industry
  • jobs.

Having healthy waterways, ensures we have water for the community, Traditional Owners and the environment.

How the Strategy will help the region

This Strategy will return additional water to rivers which will help to achieve environmental outcomes. It will also invest in complementary actions to improve waterway health.

The environmental water recovery targets developed in the Strategy strike a balance between meeting critical environmental outcomes and affordable water bills, without taking water away from other users.

The Strategy includes commitments to:

  • return a total of up to 99.5 gigalitres of water to the major rivers in the region
  • recover water through infrastructure upgrades
  • investigate the use of recycled and stormwater, instead of river water, for non-drinking uses
  • move water more efficiently around Victoria’s water grid
  • protect water quality in our waterways and bays by managing nutrient loads.

Longer term targets will include returning larger volumes of river water to Traditional Owners and the environment.

The Strategy will not take water away from farmers and existing water entitlement holders.

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