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Victoria's state-owned water sector is made up of water corporations constituted under the Water Act 1989.

A number of these water corporations also manage bulk water storages and designated recreational areas, and help the minister operate the Victorian Water Register.

Management of our water and sewerage services

Water corporations and services

Fifteen water corporations provide water supply (including recycled water) and sewage and trade waste disposal services to urban customers throughout Victoria.

Find out more about the different types of water corporations.

Water corporation boards

Victoria's water corporation boards oversee the management of our water and sewerage services. The boards are responsible for managing each water corporation’s strategic planning and day-to-day affairs.

Find out more about Water corporation board appointments.

On Board – Governance guidance is a collection of useful information and resources to help directors who want to understand their role and responsibilities as a board member of a public entity

Guide to governing in the water sector

Water corporation's statement of obligations

Under s. 4l of the Water Industry Act 1994, the Minister for Water may make and issue statements of obligations to water corporations.

These statements specify the obligations of Victoria's water corporations in relation to the performance of their functions and the exercise of their powers.

Statement of obligations (General)

This statement sets out a broad range of obligations and guiding principles applicable to all water corporations. It revokes and replaces all previous statements of obligations made and issued to a water corporation under s. 4I of the Water Industry Act 1994, except for the Statement of Obligations (System Management) issued by the Minister for Water on 16 January 2015.

Statements of obligations (System Management)

This statement sets out roles and responsibilities in managing the augmented Melbourne water supply system. It applies to City West Water Corporation, Melbourne Water Corporation, South East Water Corporation and Yarra Valley Water Corporation.

Metropolitan retailers and Melbourne Water Corporation Statement of Obligations (System Management).

Statements of obligations (Emission Reduction)

This statement sets out the obligations of all water corporations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Water industry regulatory order

The Water Industry Regulatory Order 2014 (WIRO) is an order under the Water Industry Act 1994, which sets out the regulatory approach that the Essential Services Commission is required to adopt in assessing the prices, revenues and service standards proposed by the water corporations.

The Order was published in the Victorian Government Gazette on 23 October 2014.

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