Project delivery: North East Catchment Management Authority

Targeted outcomes:

  • Environmental; Native vegetation, fauna and fish
  • Economic; Town water supply, Irrigation supply

The Ovens River is one of Victoria’s most iconic rivers. It is loved by many for its pristine waters, abundant fishing and quiet camping spots. Its picturesque landscapes make the river popular with tourists.

The Upper Ovens has unique conservation value, too. The river system is mostly intact and has a natural water regime.

Restoration works

There are many fish species in the river that have a high priority endangered or high priority threatened status. The Upper Ovens Trout Cod, an endangered fish is found in the river. You can also find Golden Perch and Murray Cod, which are high priority threatened fish species. Platypus are relatively abundant as well.

Threatened bird species of egrets, treecreepers, parrots, kingfishers, herons, sea eagles and cormorants also rely on the river.

North East CMA is leading the Upper Ovens River Flagship Waterway project in partnership with the local community.

The main objectives of the project are to improve:

  • vegetation structure
  • channel and banks stability
  • access to the river for recreation
  • water quality and aquatic habitat.
A man is standing in the river wearing a pair of fishing overalls. He is casting a fishing rod into a river. The water is about as deep as his thighs. The river banks are lined with native vegetation and rocks. The water looks healthy and the rocky riverbed is visible from the surface.
Fly fishing on the Upper Ovens River
Source: NECMA

Page last updated: 09/09/23