In March 2023, the Minister for Water wrote to all 18 Victorian water corporations to outline performance expectations for the 2023-2024 business planning year.

The Letter of Expectations (LOE) was an opportunity to communicate the government's policy priorities for improving the performance of the water sector.

Minister's 8 priority areas

Climate change

Water corporations will continue with activities and services that reduce exposure to:

  • climate risks
  • greenhouse gas emissions.

They will also show reasonable progress by integrating climate change adaptation into their planning and decision making.

Customer and community outcomes

Water corporations will make sure that services will be customer and community centred. They will continue to engage with the community and grow partnerships in planning and implementation of service delivery.

Deliver water for Aboriginal cultural, spiritual and economic values

Water corporations will promote self-determination of Traditional Owners and will support the Treaty process as required.

Water corporations will also implement the Water is Life: Traditional Owner Access to Water Roadmap by allowing increased access to water entitlements under current frameworks. This will enhance cultural benefits from how we store, deliver and use water.

Recognising recreational values

It is important for water corporations to support community well-being by considering recreational values in water management.

Resilient and liveable cities and towns

Water corporations will contribute to healthy communities by:

  • supporting safe, affordable and high-quality services
  • supporting resilient and liveable environments
  • improving resilience against future risks and emergency events.

Leadership, diversity and culture

Water corporations should reflect the needs of our diverse communities. They will develop strategies and goals that will increase:

  • cultural diversity in the workforce
  • gender equity in executive leadership and throughout their organisation, meeting the requirements of the Gender Equality Act 2020.

Performance and Financial sustainability

Water corporations will improve efficiency and consistency when reporting their performance. They will also deliver safe and cost-effective water and wastewater services.

Compliance and enforcement

Water corporations will apply a consistent, transparent and risk-based approach to manage compliance and enforcement of the Water Act 1989.

This priority area applies to Coliban Water, Goulburn-Murray Water, Grampians Wimmera Mallee Water, Lower Murray Water, Melbourne Water and Southern Rural Water.

Page last updated: 04/10/23