Water is an essential service, providing drinking water and underpinning human health. Cities and towns are the biggest water users in the region, with 90% of Victorians relying on the region for their drinking water.

While the demand for water in our cities and towns is growing, water availability in our rivers is declining. Water supplies may need to double over the next 50 years to meet demand.

The Strategy will continue to focus on water efficiency to reduce the demand for water and save money on water bills. A new Target 150 campaign encourages Melburnians to reduce their water use to 150 litres per person, per day.

Planning will begin on regionally significant manufactured water supply options. This includes:

  • fit-for-purpose recycled water
  • treated stormwater
  • desalinated water.

By planning now before a crisis, we will keep water bills affordable and ensure our cities and towns have new water supplies ready as needed.

Urban water corporations meet the significant water needs of our cities and towns. There are 8 documented urban water strategies and one completed for Greater Melbourne.

Central and Gippsland Region Sustainable Water Strategy

Page last updated: 08/09/23