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The Victorian Water and Climate Initiative (VicWaCI) is a research program aimed to better understand our climate and water resources.

VicWaCI also focuses on working with the water sector to apply this knowledge to water resource management.

Research covered by VicWaCI includes:

  • where water runoff rates across Victoria have reduced, and the reasons for the decline
  • different weather types and their influence on rainfall
  • rainfall and streamflow projections.

VicWaCI (2020-2024) is a partnership between:

  • the Victorian Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA)
  • the Bureau of Meteorology
  • the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Victorian Climate Initiative video

Recent findings

Victoria’s water in a changing climate brings together the findings from phase one of VicWaCI (2017-2020). This provides information on the impact of climate change on Victoria’s water resources. This Victorian water sector can use this report to inform future planning and policy decisions.

The findings also informed the development of a set of climate change guidelines. The guidelines provide a foundation for:

  • regional sustainable water strategies
  • urban water strategies
  • informing water resource planning decisions.

A summary of the key findings from phase one of VicWaCI are available at 2020 VicWaCI findings.

Victoria’s water in a changing climate

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