The Waterways of the West Action Plan aims for healthy waterways that support community wellbeing, the economy and our environment.

Our region has a rich, diverse, multicultural heritage. The Action Plan recognises the need to better connect with the region's culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities.

The release of a Waterways of the West CALD engagement toolkit delivers Action 8.3 of the Action Plan.

The action aims to assist planning to increase the connection of the region’s CALD communities within the Waterways of the West.

The toolkit

The Waterways of the West CALD toolkit for practitioners is a response to a need for better guidance on how to engage with CALD communities. Bringing together perspectives from broad-based research and consultation with wide-ranging stakeholders, the toolkit provides step-by-step solutions and resources to engage and educate CALD communities on water topics.

This toolkit is a free resource to support engagement and educational practices. It will help grow practitioner knowledge to enable CALD communities to:

  • enjoy the benefits of healthy waterways
  • get involved in waterway activities
  • shape the future of the Waterways of the West.

Page last updated: 16/09/23