Each Victorian catchment management region has their own regional floodplain management strategy (RFMS) in place. The strategies outline priority actions for flood mitigation in their community.

Development of the RFMS followed consultation with:

  • the local government sector
  • catchment management authorities (CMAs)
  • government authorities
  • the community.

The benefits of regional strategies

Local governments and other stakeholders use RFMS to identify priority flood management activities and may include:

  • providing flood information to the insurance market
  • tailoring flood warning systems and flood emergency response to local needs
  • improving flood overlays in land use planning schemes
  • dealing with coastal and urban stormwater flooding issues.

The CMAs and stakeholders assessed current floodplain management activities against the severity of flood risk in each location. The agreed upon flood mitigation activities are now included in each RFMS.

State and local governments also use these priority floodplain management activities as a guide for funding.

Preparing for floods: the right tools at a local level

Page last updated: 08/09/23