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The department is responsible for the stewardship of Victoria’s scarce water resources, which it achieves, in part, through the oversight and management of Victorian water entitlements and water markets.

Victorian Water Register

The Victorian Water Register (VWR) is a critical enabler of this stewardship and the water sector more broadly, providing a public register of all water-related entitlements in Victoria. Its purpose is to record water entitlements with integrity and provide the information required to manage Victoria’s water resources effectively.

The VWR 10-year strategy identifies partners and beneficiaries of the Victorian Water Register as its key stakeholders.

Each stakeholder group that uses and interacts with the Victorian Water Register performs different roles in water markets and have varying needs and expectations. These needs and expectations are evolving over time due to changes in water markets, such as the need to adapt to external factors such as population growth and climate change.

Stakeholders’ expectations of the Victorian Water Register are likely to increase in times of water scarcity. During such times, stakeholders will be particularly watchful for errors or omissions and will need their water applications dealt with efficiently. This means the ongoing availability and integrity of the Victorian Water Register is essential.

Ongoing operation of the Victorian Water Register

The ongoing operation of the Victorian Water Register includes business-critical water accounting. State water accountants are delegated the Minister’s legislative responsibilities to issue water allocation against entitlements in accordance with the respective resource managers’ seasonal determinations, and apply carryover rules for unused water allocation and licence volumes.

This initiative funds the following:

  1. Designing and building a new platform to deliver reliable, secure and user-friendly Victorian Water Register services. This is the scope of the Victorian Water Register Transform project.
  2. Maintain ongoing operation of the current Victorian Water Register to deliver action 9.4 of Water for Victoria while new Victorian Water Register services are built and rolled out, including water accounting functions.

This initiative will deliver 3 key benefits:

  1. A more cost-effective and reliable Victorian Water Register.
  2. New online and user-friendly services.
  3. Enablement of more efficient and effective water markets.

In addition to the funding provided through EC5 for this initiative, a further $6.34 million in co-contribution is provided from the Victorian Water Register Trust.

Environmental contribution 5 (EC5)

Program title 2020-21 expenditure ($'000) 2021–22
expenditure ($'000)
2022–23 expenditure ($'000)

Sustaining a resilient and secure water register for Victoria


Victorian Water Register implementation partner

Deloitte commenced working with DEECA in July 2022 as the new VWR implementation partner.

The Victorian Water Register implementation partner works with DEECA to maintain and support of the current Victorian Water Register and to design, build and deliver a new Victorian Water Register.

Victorian Water Register Transform Project

The Transform project comprises a Discovery stage, a planning stage and a delivery stage.

As at the end of 2022-23, the Discovery and planning stages have been completed, along with three program increments of the delivery stage. To date, a range of deliverables have been produced, including; planning documentation, design and build specifications and strengthened key relationships with stakeholders.

The first three program increments of the delivery stage have been delivering the new technology platform and building business functionality for water trading and processing of applications for water entitlements and licenses.

The following activities supporting the detailed design and building of the new Victorian Water Register are the focus of future program increments in the delivery stage.

Operating and supporting the Victorian Water Register

In partnership with Deloitte, the department continues to operate and support the Victorian Water Register. This enables customers and users to apply for licenses, change ownership of water shares and allocations, and manage their water usage.

Seasonal determinations

All seasonal determinations have been completed in the Victorian Water Register within target deadlines – within 3 hours of public announcements, an improvement on previous years – providing earlier access to water allocation for the public.

EOY processes completed

The 2022-23 EOY process was completed on 30 June 2023, with all accounts opened with correct carryover balances, allowing the water register to open at midnight on 1 July 2023.

Place of Take legislation

Completed the design and build of features in the current Victorian Water Register as an interim implementation of new Place of Take legislation.

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