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Aboriginal Water Program

The Aboriginal Water Program is a partnership between the Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action (DEECA) and Traditional Owners and Aboriginal Victorians to manage our waterways and catchments across the state. Importantly, it is reconnecting communities to water for cultural, economic, customary and spiritual purposes.

Water is Life: Traditional Owner Access to Water Roadmap

Water is a shared and precious resource and is important to many people and communities.

Traditional Owners have rarely been consulted about how water is managed and used since colonisation. We are now working in partnership with Victoria’s Traditional Owners to involve them in decisions around water management.

Water is Life: Traditional Owner Access to Water Roadmap provides an important framework to create and maintain a careful and considered balance between Traditional Owner self-determination in water access and management and the rights and entitlements of a range of stakeholders.

Water is Life develops a pathway to genuine, meaningful outcomes for Traditional Owners. It represents actual and symbolic respect for the importance of Aboriginal connections to Country. Caring for Country and water can deliver thriving cultural economies and benefits for Traditional Owners, existing entitlement holders, and all Victorians.

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Due to its large size, Water is Life has been uploaded in 2 parts.

Water is Life Progress Report April 2024

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