Central and Gippsland Sustainable Water Strategy

A map of Victoria showing the boundaries of the Central and Gippsland region

Water for Victoria (2016) identified the need to rethink the boundaries of existing sustainable water strategies due to changing water resource availability and community values since the initial strategies were developed between 2006 and 2011.

The Central and Gippsland Region has been established combining the existing Central Region and Gippsland Region SWS boundaries with modifications to the western and north-western boundaries. These changes to the region boundary reflect the increasing connectivity of the Melbourne water system (and the Grid) and areas of significant population growth.

The development and implementation of the Central and Gippsland Region SWS will occur over the coming years.

Information on the process and how you can be involved

In 2020, The Minister for Water will appoint a Consultative Committee and panel to provide oversight and guidance on the development of the strategy as per Water Act 1989. A draft report will be developed to include an overview of water resources, main water challenges and detailed evaluation of trade-offs for options identified through the strategic and issues papers. This draft report will be released for public feedback and comment to inform the final strategy.

In 2021, a final Central and Gippsland Region SWS will be released, including the strategic direction of the strategy, and a stand-alone implementation plan.

The implementation of the Central and Gippsland Region sustainable water strategy will commence in 2022. A key consideration informing the development of this strategy is that it remains flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances, such as climate change, population growth and water availability.

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Page last updated: 16/04/20