What is the grid?

Victoria’s water grid works much like our road network, connecting sources such as dams, reservoirs, irrigation districts and the desalination plant via infrastructure including pipes and pumps, and natural elements like rivers.

The water grid includes:

  • the capture, production and storage infrastructure (such as dams, reservoirs, weirs, groundwater extraction locations and the Victorian Desalination Project)
  • the delivery infrastructure (such as channels, pipes, pumps and the waterways used to deliver water)
  • the arrangements by which water can be purchased and sold through the water markets and allocated through the water entitlement framework.

Download map of Victoria's grid (JPG, 674.0 KB)

Interactive map of Victoria’s water grid additions and modernisations

Click on the icons to learn more about recent projects which will extend or modernise Victoria’s water grid.

The following water grid projects will increase Victoria’s water resilience

Victorian Water Grid

  • River / drainage line / ephemeral stream
  • Channel
  • Existing piped connection
  • New piped connection
  • Catchment storage
  • Operational storage
  • Other lakes
  • Groundwater extraction location
  • Desalination plant
  • Major weir
  • Town
  • Irrigation district

Enhancing the grid

In October 2018 we established the Water Grid Partnership.

The partnership will oversee the operation of Victoria’s water grid and create a forum for delivering the best possible solutions to Victoria’s water security challenges.

The partnership builds on significant recent grid investments, including the $80.6 million South West Loddon Pipeline, the $85.2 million East Grampians Pipeline and the $43 million Lance Creek Water Connection.

By bringing together key players from across the whole industry, the partnership will ensure Victoria is well placed to deal with key challenges, including climate change and population growth.

We also released our first biennial statement outlining future proposals to augment the grid. These grid augmentations are supporting a range of work which make the most of alternative water sources, including stormwater harvesting and the recycling of wastewater.

Download the statement: Enhancing the grid: Victoria’s Water Grid Partnership in 2018 (PDF, 3.2 MB)

Page last updated: 16/11/20