Delivering the Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy

The Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy (VFMS) was released in April 2016. In July 2016, the Victorian government allocated $21 million to begin implementing the strategy, and develop community led, regional floodplain management strategies (RFMSs). The 2021 Victorian budget initiative Building Flood Resilience in Victoria extended government’s commitment to our floodplain management strategies with an additional $26.7 million allocated RFMS priority project and VFMS actions.

Six years after its release, all 56 actions outlined in the VFMS have been completed or embedded as part of business-as-usual practice. Funding has been allocated to 74 flood mitigation and flood warning projects across the state since July 2016.

These achievements have been made possible through the combined efforts of many organisations, including Catchment Management Authorities, local government, Victorian State Emergency Service, Bureau of Meteorology and our communities.

This Implementation Snapshot highlights many of the significant achievements made since 2016.

Read the Snapshot (PDF, 986.3 KB). Accessible version (DOCX, 2.0 MB)

Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy

The floodplain management strategy is designed to ensure appropriate response and action is taken in the event of a flood. Many communities and authorities are involved in such events, and efficient handling and communication is crucial in protecting from and using floods effectively.

The strategy clarifies the roles and responsibilities of government agencies and authorities involved in flood management. It aims to improve the evaluation and communication of flood risks so communities and relevant agencies can take better-informed action to manage floods.

The strategy supports priorities being developed at a regional level in consultation with local communities. It encourages communities and individuals to work with their council and catchment management authorities to decide on the level of flood mitigation that best suits their locality.

Cover page of the Victorian Floodplain Management Strategy

Key changes as a result of the strategy include:

  • Governance arrangements for sustainably managing existing and new levees;
  • An acknowledgement of the value of Aboriginal communities both in planning and responding to floods;
  • Adapting to climate change to manage flood risk;
  • Clarification around emergency management roles and responsibilities;
  • Guiding principles to support the role of catchment management authorities in land use planning;
  • Clarification of who is responsible for maintaining flood warning gauges; and
  • Consideration of the environmental benefits of flooding.

The strategy is outlined in:

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