What is Victoria's water grid?

The water grid works much like our road network, connecting sources such as dams, reservoirs, irrigation districts and the desalination plant via infrastructure including pipes and pumps, and natural elements like rivers.

The water grid includes:

  • the capture, production and storage infrastructure (such as dams, reservoirs, weirs, groundwater extraction locations and the Victorian Desalination Project)
  • the delivery infrastructure (such as channels, pipes, pumps and the waterways used to deliver water)
  • the arrangements by which water can be purchased and sold through the water markets and allocated through the water entitlement framework.

Download map of Victoria's grid (JPG, 639.6 KB)

What is the Water Grid's program of work?

This chart explains the basic structure of the water grid and future items associated with the grid.

What challenges does Victoria's water supply face?

The grid helps tackle some of our water resource challenges by building resilience in the connected system for communities and the environment.

Explore the challenges in the dashboard below.

How does the grid work?

How is the grid helping to address urban water challenges?

There’s a number of ways the grid can tackle our urban water challenges, we’re working with industries and community partners to develop a strategic augmentation plan to make sure water is available when needed.

Explore the different pressures and augmentation plans around the state.

How is the grid helping to address rural water challenges?

The way we use and deliver water for irrigation is changing and so is the amount of water available. The grid can provide infrastructure that may help rural communities adapt to changing needs.

Explore the unique challenges and potential solutions for declared rural systems in Victoria.

How does the grid support Traditional Owner, Environmental and Recreational values?

By working with Traditional Owners, industries and community partners the grid can help restore our waterway’s ecological health. This is will enhance the social, cultural, recreational and environmental values important to Victorians. Explore the work being done to benefit our waterways and communities.

Page last updated: 19/10/22