Before undertaking any type of work near the Victorian Desalination Project underground pipeline or power supply easement, you must contact Before You Dig Australia.

The easement conditions limit the types of activities that can take place in order to protect the underground infrastructure and the safety of land users.

These constraints and provisions are registered on the property titles in a Memorandum of Common Provisions.

A copy of the Memorandum of Common Provisions was provided to all landowners at the time of acquisition of the easement.

If you propose to undertake any digging, ploughing, excavating or boring works in the vicinity of the easement then please contact Before You Dig Australia to provide details of the proposed works. For any other proposed activities contact AquaSure.

Victorian Desalination Project Easements  (DOCX, 19.7 KB)

Maps identifying properties subject to the Victorian Desalination Project easement can be found below:

Page last updated: 09/05/23