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[Speaker] Water is what we love about Victoria.

We all know we rely on water for drinking,

for our farms, in our houses and sometimes for our work and industry.

Water is also vital to our beautiful natural environment.

And when we look after our environment, we can enjoy it.

Another unique part of water is its cultural and spiritual importance to Traditional Owners.

Having this connection to water is essential to “healthy Country, healthy mob, and self-determination”.

Yet despite the need to connect to water on Country, Traditional Owners own less than 0.1% of water.

Being able to own and manage water strengthens the health, wellbeing and economic livelihoods of Traditional Owners
and provides benefits for the wider community.

Through working in partnership with Traditional Owner corporations, the Victorian Government is aiming to improve water management and the health of Country for now, and future generations.

Visit www.consultationspace.com/DELWP/Water to join the conversation on our water future.

Page last updated: 22/11/23