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Growing a water-smart community is important. A better understanding of where water comes from and how we use it benefits everyone. Education from an early age can assist in building the knowledge needed for the future.

Education of water and water efficiency programs should run from prep to year 12. Many programs exist that schools, families and communities can tap into for water education.

Schools Water Efficiency Program

DEECA funds the Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP). It provides a fun, educational platform to help schools with:

  • tracking water use
  • water consumption education.

SWEP gives schools data loggers that continuously record water use. This helps schools manage water by identifying high water use and water leaks.

The program can save schools money

Schools can access the SWEP web portal to:

  • help save water and money
  • use the information as part of the school curriculum
  • demonstrate water efficiency in practice for students.

Visit SWEP to register for the program and for more information.

WaterWatch Victoria Program

Waterwatch Victoria connects communities to:

  • protect local waterways
  • manage local waterways.

The program supports thousands of Victorian volunteers who monitor and care for:

  • local creeks
  • wetlands
  • groundwater
  • rivers
  • estuaries.

Waterwatch coordinators give support to volunteers by offering:

  • water quality and biological monitoring training and support
  • education and awareness-raising activities to schools and community groups.

The program also offers partnership opportunities around the health of our waterways. This can be between all levels of:

  • government
  • private businesses
  • the community.

ResourceSmart Schools

ResourceSmart Schools is a Victorian government initiative. It gives support so schools can be more sustainable. The resources available include:

  • information about reducing resource use
  • information on how to save costs
  • integrating sustainability into the classroom
  • sharing knowledge beyond the classroom.

The program gives students the knowledge of how to be sustainable in their lives. Any Victorian school can register to become a ResourceSmart school.

Smart Water Advice

Smart Water Advice offers educational water resources. The website is a collaboration between:

  • the Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action (DEECA)
  • water corporations
  • The Water Conservative.

It targets:

  • households
  • schools
  • government
  • business.

Resources include:

  • water saving tips
  • water calculator
  • educational videos
  • factsheets
  • interactive platforms.

Water corporation resources for students and teachers

A range of water education resources are available from your local water corporation.

National water week

National Water Week happens in October each year. The Australian Water Association (AWA) encourages schools and communities to get involved by:

  • taking part in National Water Week events and activities
  • using National Water Week educational resources.

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