The Birrarung Council speaks both as a provider of strategic advice to the Victorian Government on the health, wellbeing and future of the Birrarung and advocates for the River and its lands.


The council provides strategic advice to government by:

  • advising the Minister on the Yarra Strategic Plan
  • providing advice in response to requests from the Minister
  • initiating advice on matters of importance to the Yarra.

The council's work respects 2 core documents that have resulted from the Yarra Protection Act.


Under the Act, the council advocates for the 'protection and preservation' of the Birrarung.

We make submissions on major projects, initiatives and planning processes that have significant implications for the future of the Birrarung and its lands. The council can also make submissions (whether to formal enquiries or on specific issues) on matters that involve the principles and objectives of the Yarra Protection Act or advocate on matters that affect river wellbeing or Traditional Owner stewardship.

Submissions prepared by the Birrarung Council are available in the Resources section.

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The Secretariat for the Birrarung Council is provided by the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action. To contact us, email the Birrarung Council.

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