The Birrarung Council champions the interests of the Birrarung as one living and integrated natural entity from source to sea.

The Birrarung Council (the Council) is an independent statutory body established under the Yarra River Protection (Wilip-gin Birrarung murron) Act 2017 (the Act) to provide advice to the Minister for Water and to Government on, and advocate for, the protection and preservation of the Birrarung (Yarra River) and its lands.

Members of the Birrarung Council are appointed by the Minister for Water and include requisite Indigenous representation from the two Traditional Owner groups recognised as possessing traditional rights and interests in the Country through which the Birrarung flows.

Our role as the voice of the Birrarung

We, the Birrarung Council, have a responsibility as the voice for the Birrarung to provide advice to the Victorian government on how the River and its lands are being managed by responsible public entities delivering Burndap Birrarung burndap umarkoo, and, using this voice, we provide advice through annual reporting to the Minister for Water and the Victorian Parliament.

Our membership comprises Traditional Owners of the River as well as respected leaders and experts in a diversity of fields. By walking together, we collectively represent the voice for the River and use this voice to advocate for the protection and continued improvement of the Birrarung and its lands.

The Birrarung Council believes the recognition and embracing of the River’s status as a single living entity, connected from source to sea, will challenge our mindsets and relationship with the Birrarung and eventually change the institutional behaviours and practices that impact the River and its lands. The Council believes that these changes in behaviours and practices are pivotal to achieving both environmental and cultural Net Gain for the River. Achieving this transformational shift will require public entities to break out of the currently entrenched business-as-usual approach for managing the River and its lands.

Our vision

For the Birrarung, its lands and waters to be forever protected as single living entity from source to sea, and be kept alive and healthy for the benefit of future generations to learn from and connect with the Birrarung and its cultural landscape.

Our mission

As an independent voice for the Birrarung, our mission is to champion the interests of the River as one living and integrated natural entity, guided by the voice and knowledge of the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung and Bunurong Peoples as the custodians of the River and its lands.

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