Long-term watering plans are environmental water planning documents that describe the ecological objectives and targets for priority water-dependent assets (rivers and wetlands) in a given region, and the corresponding environmental watering requirements for these objectives. They are prepared by DELWP in accordance with obligations under the Basin Plan. There are three long-term watering plans, one for each surface water resource plan area in Victoria: Northern Victoria, Victorian Murray and Wimmera-Mallee.

In Victoria, long-term watering plans are based on site-based environmental water management plans prepared by catchment management authorities together with local communities and stakeholders.

A long-term watering plan is valid for up to five years. In accordance with Basin Plan, it is to be reviewed and updated when the relevant water resource plan is accredited, or five years after preparation of the current long-term watering plan.

The Wimmera-Mallee long-term watering plan was updated in September 2020, and the Northern Victoria and Victorian Murray long-term watering plans are due to be updated in June 2021.

Northern Victoria (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Victorian Murray (PDF, 2.4 MB)

Wimmera-Mallee (PDF, 6.0 MB)

image showing the boundaries of Victoria’s five water resource plan areas

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