Elements to consider

To successfully undertake forms of engagement involving evaluation and feedback, the following points should be considered:

  • File management: It is important that landholder information is kept up-to-date and centrally filed, to protect against the loss of corporate knowledge when staff or delivery partners change. This is an important consideration for all forms of engagement through evaluation and feedback. Data to record includes:
  • Date agreement commenced
  • Management agreement documentation
  • Workshops/events attended by the landholder
  • Specific interests and issues identified by the landholder
  • Previous interview and questionnaire responses
  • Submitted photos for monitoring
  • Preferences of engagement
  • Any awards received by the landholder
  • Site monitoring and engagement history
  • Address and contact details
  • Clear objectives: Be clear on what data or information is sought and what audience to target
  • Good evaluation design: Ask questions that will deliver the data or information you seek, with clear and unambiguous language, not too long, always ending with 'anything else to add' and adopting a user friendly interface . The wording in questionnaires and interviews needs to be carefully developed so as not to bias results. Testing of a draft product should discover any flaws or gaps in the data being sought.
  • Prompt follow up: Ensure any actions you commit to during the evaluation (e.g. providing additional advice, checking in again via phone etc.) are followed up promptly or you keep the landholder informed of their progress.
  • Effectively marketed: Ensure target participants are identified, contacted, and able to be involved in the evaluation. As part of the marketing explain why the evaluation process is important and consider incentivising with a prize draw.
  • Sound sampling method: The sample audience/sites should represent the diversity of the underlying population to be evaluated so not to bias results. If there is a small response rate / sample size, results should be carefully considered as they may not be statistically representative.

Page last updated: 19/02/19