The structure

This toolkit brings together the collective experience of Victoria's CMAs in riparian landholder engagement into one handy, easy to access toolkit. The material is organised against four engagement objectives for those users that want to identify the best practice to achieve a particular objective.

Within each engagement objective, the information is organised into:

  • Definition of the objective
  • Benefits and potential outcomes of achieving the objective
  • Relevant techniques with a high to moderate likelihood of achieving the objective.

Complete list of techniques

For those users that don't want to access the information by engagement objective, the Techniques section contains all the information for each specific engagement technique. For each technique, the toolkit provides information on:

  • What the technique is
  • Why the technique is helpful for engaging riparian landholders with existing management agreements
  • When the technique is best used
  • Who the technique should be applied on
  • How to apply the technique.

It is important to note that this toolkit is not intended to provide an exhaustive list of all potential techniques, but rather addressed a priority selection of techniques determined in consultation with CMAs.

Page last updated: 26/02/19