Landholders whose land abuts a Crown frontage who apply for a new take and use licence for stock water will be re-imbursed for their application fee. They will also have their annual fee waived for three years by the water corporation and be given a longer licence period saving up to $2100 in total. This took effect from 1 November 2013.

Trough for watering stock in foreground, fence in middle ground, stream in background

Photo, above: installing off-stream stock watering may need a take and use licence. Off-stream stock watering installed as part of a riparian project on the Buchan River, East Gippsland. Photo courtesy East Gippsland CMA.

Part of the State Government's Waterway Management Program involves providing funding for CMAs to partner with landholders to improve the health of waterways.

One of the activities undertaken is encouraging landholders to install a fence to manage stock access to waterways but the licence fee for a take and use licence was a stumbling block for some people coming on board.

CMAs will pay the cost of the initial application fee back to landholders to encourage more farmers with Crown frontages to sign up to works like fencing, revegetation and off-stream stock watering, which will provide flow-on environmental benefits.

For more information on these reduced costs and to whom they apply, see the following fact sheet, developed at the time of the costs changes in 2013:

Cutting the cost of take and use licences (PDF, 57.0 KB)
Cutting the cost of take and use licences (DOCX, 56.0 KB)

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