Understanding how riparian systems change in response to management will improve the efficiency, effectiveness and long-term benefits of riparian management in Victoria. The riparian intervention monitoring program (RIMP) is a long-term intervention monitoring program aimed at demonstrating the responses of riparian land to management activities. It is being undertaken on a selection of sites around Victoria by waterway managers in conjunction with landholders.

The program uses a robust experimental design to measure ecological responses to riparian management interventions, such as fencing weed management and revegetation, and understand sources of variability. The program ensures that knowledge gained through the monitoring and evaluation process is used to improve delivery standards that underpin riparian investment decisions and to communicate the benefits of riparian management delivered through initiatives such as the Regional Riparian Action Plan.

Find out more at the Riparian Intervention Monitoring Program website, including fact sheets providing an overview of Victoria's riparian research and monitoring, further information about the Riparian Intervention Monitoring Program and an update on the Program’s progress.

Page last updated: 17/01/19