The new SEPP (Waters) replaces the two previous SEPPs for water in Victoria:

  1. The State Environment Protection Policy (Waters of Victoria) (SEPP (WoV)), including five catchment specific schedules:
    • Gippsland Lakes and Catchment F3
    • Waters of the Latrobe and Thomson River Basins and Merriman Creek Catchment F5
    • Waters of Port Phillip Bay F6
    • Waters of the Yarra Catchment F7
    • Waters of Western Port and Catchment F8
  2. State Environment Protection Policy (Groundwaters of Victoria) (SEPP (GoV))

Draft SEPP (Waters)

DELWP in partnership with EPA reviewed the water SEPPs and prepared a draft SEPP (Waters) in early 2018. The draft review outcomes were:

  • surface water and groundwater protections were brought together into one document
  • obligations already contained in other legislation were removed
  • a geothermal beneficial use was introduced
  • general roles, partnerships or programs were placed into a separate Implementation Plan
  • a consistent suite of environmental quality indicators across rivers, streams and marine water segments were developed
  • environmental quality indicators and objectives based on relevant national and international standards and guidance were included
  • new indicators and objectives for sediment toxicology, marine biological indicators and for wetlands were included
  • clear mutual oblivations were outlined in clauses to improve clarity

The draft SEPP (Waters), policy impact assessment and the implementation plan were made available for public consultation via Engage Victoria for a four-month period and are available for download online.

Page last updated: 22/10/18