The Mitchell River Flagship Waterway Project will begin the transition of a willow dominated river to one with a continuous corridor of native vegetation, working with community, landholders and partners to improve access and flood resilience.

Image of a river with a forested mountain in the background. There are trees on both banks of the river

East Gippsland’s Mitchell River provides freshwater flows into the Gippsland Lakes and is of high cultural significance to the Gunaikurnai people. It supplies water for towns and supports valuable agricultural production. However, parts of the lower Mitchell River system are in poor environmental condition, suffering from issues such as erosion and the impact of weeds such as willows.

Delivered by East Gippsland CMA, over the next three years, the local community will see improvements along the Mitchell River floodplain between Glenaladale and Lind Bridge just upstream of the township of Bairnsdale, including stock exclusion fencing, weed control and revegetation.

The project will also empower the Gunaikurnai community to actively manage and care for Country for the enjoyment of all people.

The Project will provide improved habitat for aquatic species, particularly freshwater dependent species as our climate and environmental conditions change.

Page last updated: 12/09/22