In 2022, the second My Victorian Waterway survey investigated the Victorian community’s connection to our rivers, lakes, streams, creeks, floodplains, wetlands, estuaries, water storages or reservoirs. These are known collectively as waterways.

This survey built upon social research undertaken in 2009-2010 (PDF, 769.3 KB), which was designed to provide baseline data on how Victorians use waterways, as well as their values and aspirations for waterway management.

The objectives of this study were similar to those of the previous research, adjusted to reflect new research priorities.

This purpose of this study was to:

  • Better understand community uses, expectations and attitudes towards waterways.
  • Inform the design of a new Victorian Waterway Management Strategy by understanding community aspirations and concerns in relation to waterway management, including the development of a new community vision for Victoria’s waterways.
  • Support future government investment decisions by understanding how waterways are used, and why they are valued by users.
  • Identify how the water sector can improve future communications and community engagement by better understanding current levels of knowledge about what makes a waterway healthy.

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Page last updated: 28/09/22