Catchment management authorities (including Melbourne Water) are responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of regional catchment strategies with their partners, communities and Traditional Owners under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994. The strategies reflect community priorities for catchment values and align with relevant state and federal policies and program priorities.

Regional catchment strategies are a cornerstone to improve catchment stewardship under the Our Catchments, Our Communities: Building on the Legacy for Catchment Stewardship policy statement and investment program. These initiatives support delivery of Water for Victoria Action 3.3 Invest in integrated catchment management.

The fourth iteration of the strategies (RCS 2021-2027) can be viewed at as they are finalised and approved, or by contacting the relevant catchment management authority or Melbourne Water. Each strategy:

  • Assesses the region’s land, water and biodiversity resources and how they are used
  • Assesses the nature, causes, extent and severity of land degradation of catchments and identifies areas for priority attention
  • Has regard to Aboriginal cultural values and traditional ecological knowledge
  • Includes a long-term vision for the region
  • Applies the Regional Catchment Strategies Outcomes Framework (below), that includes a core set of consistent outcomes and measures
  • Identifies catchment condition objectives
  • Sets a program of management measures for the life of the strategy.

Page last updated: 09/03/22