The Mallee CMA Tyrrell Project includes habitats within the Avoca Basin and the Terminal Lakes system at Lake Tyrrell, Tyrrell Creek and Lalbert Creek and the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Wetlands. Many diverse community groups and partners in the Mallee have been working to improve this sensitive area.

Achievements to date include:
  • 30 hectares of revegetation to increase the area of native vegetation
  • 2,704 hectares of weed control to restore native habitat
  • 3,094 hectares of pest animal control to protect native flora and fauna.

Birchip and Sea Lake community members visit the Lake Tyrell project site

Birchip and Sea Lake community members visiting project sites at Lake Tyrrell, Utewillock Wetland, Tchum Lake, Morton Plain and Roselyn Wetland. Photo credit: Mallee CMA.

Key activities have enhanced the regeneration opportunities in the catchment and improved recreational facilities for both locals and visitors:

  • The Lake Tyrrell track has been improved at Stoney Crossing to manage the increased erosion and damage to indigenous plants due to the extra tourist vehicles coming to the area.
  • A 780-metre-long walking trail at Tchum Lake has been constructed in partnership with Tchum Aquatic Club to increase recreation access to the lake and minimise impacts on the environment.
  • Interpretive signs for the Tchum Lake trail have been developed in consultation with the local community and the Birchip P–12 School.
  • The Barengi Gadjin Land Council supplied 790 native tubestock and tree guards to create a vegetation corridor alongside the walking trail.
  • Three landholders installed over 8.5 kilometres of stock exclusion fencing along Tyrrell Creek and Lalbert Creek to protect high-quality waterway vegetation.

The Cokum Bushland Reserve has also undergone improvement works in partnership with Parks Victoria. A community Committee of Management has been formed, and one kilometre of the walking track has been upgraded with 500 metres of the vehicle access track and car park completed.

Cokum Reserve before the improvements

A dirt road at Cokum Reserve before restoration

Cokum Reserve after the improvements

A dirt road at Cokum Reserve after restoration

Lake Tyrrell is a world-famous site, 75 kilometres west of Swan Hill. Covering over 20,000 hectares, it is Victoria’s largest salt lake. In recent years, a growing number of tourists have been visiting Lake Tyrrell, threatening the condition and value of this riparian habitat. Other challenges faced by the region include rising saline groundwater, channel modification, stock access and pest animals.

Watch video introducing the Lake Tyrrell Project - Ancient Landscapes, New Connections.

Watch video about the Lake Tyrrell Project.


Mallee CMA, DELWP, Mallee Landcare Group, Tchum Lake Aquatic Club, Barengi Gadjin Land Council, Sea Lake Landcare Group, Sea Lake Off-road Club Committee of Management (formed at the Cokum Bushland Reserve), Buloke Shire Council, Birchip P-12 School, Advance Sea Lake Inc., Parks Victoria, Regional Development Victoria, Cheetham Salt, Aboriginal Victoria, Nulluwil Landcare Group, Culgoa Progress Association and Green Lake Committee of Management and private landholders.

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