Four diverse farms in the Corangamite region are improving their on-farm water efficiency by trialling new methods to meet farming needs in a changing climate. Our Catchments, Our Communities is helping to make these fimprovements and the farmers in return will promote and share best practice information.

Barongarook Pork Farm is a small heritage free-range pork farm. It aims to design and construct green (soft) infrastructure to clean, filter, store and re-use farm water using modern hydrology techniques involving contours and native plants.

Bannockburn Vineyards is working on a trial to reduce water losses on its vineyards by using compost mulch under vines. Soil moisture sensors will record temperature, rainfall and soil moisture levels over two years, with irrigation applied as needed.

Two men testing water efficiency at a vineyard

Water efficiency at Bannockburn Vineyards. Photo credit: Corangamite CMA.

Wellwood Wallace Walnuts is an organic walnut farm in the central highlands of Victoria. The orchard is replacing old irrigation infrastructure with innovative irrigation practices to reduce water use and improve efficiency.

An East Otway beef farm is planning to implement best practice on-farm water storage by utilising modern technologies.

The Corangamite region has a drying climate with less rain in the winter and spring months and a greater intensity of summer storms. These four pilot projects are designed to showcase best practice, and encourage reduced water usage on farms, which will achieve more secure water flows to high-value ecosystems.

The Meade family with their pigs at their pork farm

The Meade Family with their pigs at Barongarook Pork Farm. Photo credit: Corangamite CMA.


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Page last updated: 28/06/19