This project is building capacity and enabling local communities to act in protecting the Loddon Catchment Floodplain. Partnerships with the community, landholders and groups such as Trust for Nature and Landcare have resulted in successful weed control and restoration planting.

Environmental threats to the Kamarooka Wetlands are being managed by a partnership between the North Central CMA and the Loddon Plains Landcare Network.

Two people standing in a field at the Kamarooka Wetlands Complex

Fencing and gates – Kamarooka Wetlands Complex. Photo credit: James Nelsson.

Works completed to date include:
  • 14 kilometres of fencing
  • 50 hectares of direct seeding
  • 280 hectares of wetland and surrounding habitat protected (previously agricultural land)
  • 1,200 Black box tube stock planted and watered.

The Kamarooka Wetlands is an area of high regional significance with a variety of wetlands with diverse vegetation types. The wetlands provide important habitat, feeding and breeding sites for many species including the Brolga. The restoration works have been made possible by capacity building with the Norman Wettenhall Foundation and engagement with landowners.

Long Swamp is another location being protected with weed control and revegetation works involving Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation, Trust for Nature and the Loddon Plains Landcare Network. Long Swamp is the only deep freshwater marsh in the approximately 50 diverse wetlands in the Moolort Plains, between Maryborough and Castlemaine on the north-eastern tip of the Victorian Volcanic Plain.

Tracks in a field made for seedlings

Direct seeding. Photo credit: James Nelsson.

Connecting Country, a community-based not-for-profit organisation, has also been engaged to increase understorey vegetation to provide much-needed habitat, particularly for woodland birds, in the Mt Alexander Shire. Plants have been ordered and an expression of interest process for landholders is underway to determine interest and appropriate sites.

Watch video of the Kamarooka Wetlands.


North Central CMA, Loddon Plains Landcare Network, Kamarooka Landcare Group, Northern Plains Conservation Network, Norman Wettenhall Foundation, Trust for Nature, Parks Victoria, Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation and Connecting Country.

Working with [North Central CMA staff] was good, including; monthly meetings, training on wetland plants, mentoring me with the [Waterway Management] Twinning Program and introducing me to lots of professionals in the field. I found meetings were good to keep me on track and get feedback regarding reasonable expectations [of managing NRM projects].
James Nelsson, Loddon Plains Landcare Network Facilitator

Page last updated: 28/06/19