Leonie and Helen Vaughan pose with framed grant
Leonie will use her grant to apply innovative behaviour change methods to enhance landholder engagement.
Leonie Duncan and Deputy Secretary Water and Catchments, Helen Vaughan, 2018 Catchments Summit

Leonie’s OCOC grant will help her drive leadership in the application of innovative behaviour change methods, enhancing how Victorian catchment management authorities (CMAs) approach landholder engagement in their on-ground works.

CMAs and Landcare groups have worked well with landholders to achieve natural resource management outcomes over the past two decades, but there are many landholders are still to get on board.

Ongoing landholder commitment is paramount to protect investments long-term, and continuous improvement in the methods used to engage with the community is central to this.

Leonie will attend the training course "Understanding human behaviour to influence change", with leading behaviour change research enterprise Behaviour Works. She will then partner with two Victorian Catchment Management Authorities to ground her study coursework in real-world scenarios, exploring two case study examples of CMA-led large-scale restoration projects involving high levels of landholder engagement.

Following this, she will work with the CMAs to co-design enhanced engagement methods informed by the earlier reflection and analysis of past experiences, and founded in a better appreciation of behavioural psychology.

I am delighted to have been granted this opportunity to develop my understanding of behavioural science and how its application might enhance landholder engagement practices in the NRM sector. This is a great chance to refresh my social science skills, engage with academic theory and to be inspired by the latest thinking. Most of all though, I am excited about partnering with on-ground practitioners to work through the practical application of what I learn.
Leonie Duncan

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