The Output Data Standards were first developed by DELWP in 2012 to help account for the significant annual investment made by Victorians in the protection of our environment.  

The Standards describe the minimum information requirements for reporting on the most common goods and services (i.e. outputs) that DELWP  purchases through its range of investment programs.

Specifically, the Standards provide:

  • a range of standard descriptors for the outputs from investment
  • clarity on the requirements for reporting those outputs
  • the basis for consistent data and systems development

Support provided on this page include the latest version of the standards, a guideline developed for Catchment Management Authorities and a Geodatabase version of the Standards to support Geographic Information Systems.

Output data standard

Output reporting guideline

The current version of Technical Guidance in relation to the Standard is Version 1.0, dated January 2018.

Output data standard - Geodatabase Version with supporting tables

Version 4 of the DELWP Output Data Standard in an ESRI geodatabase format.

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