The wellbeing and prosperity of Victorian communities depend on healthy waterways and catchments, but many of our most loved rivers, estuaries and wetlands have been degraded over time.

Through Water for Victoria the health of 36 waterways across Victoria will be improved through large-scale, long term projects. Ten flagship waterways have been identified as initial priorities for action through consultation with communities and key stakeholders.

Canoes on the Campaspe

Campaspe canoe tour, courtesy North Central CMA

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The remaining 5 flagship waterways are: Strathbogie Streams, Mid Thompson River, Upper Wimmera River Catchment, Upper Ovens River and Yarra River.

Activities delivered through the 10 flagship waterways projects include:

  • revegetation, weed removal and fencing out of livestock – to stabilise riverbanks and surrounding land, enhance amenity, create habitat corridors and improve resilience to flooding
  • delivery of water for the environment to improve the condition of river red gums, fish, waterbirds and other native species
  • supporting communities to enjoy and protect their local rivers, estuaries and wetlands through enhanced recreational opportunities, land stewardship and citizen science programs
  • working with Traditional Owners to better understand and integrate Traditional Owner knowledge and values into waterway management
  • removal of instream barriers and improvement of aquatic habitat to allow fish and platypus to move more freely through waterways and have the conditions to thrive

Page last updated: 20/02/19