The wellbeing and prosperity of Victorian communities depend on healthy waterways and catchments, but many of our most loved rivers, estuaries and wetlands have been degraded over time.

Through Water for Victoria the health of 36 waterways across Victoria will be improved over the next 30 years through large-scale, long term projects. Ten flagship waterways have been identified as initial priorities for action through consultation with communities and key stakeholders.

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Click the map below to view a full PDF of the Flagship Waterways sites, or click here for an accessible list of the 36 proposed sites.

Current Flagship projects are spread across the state, one per Catchment Management Authority and 1 for Port Phillip and Westernport. An Additional 2 Flagship Waterway Projects per region are proposed.

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Additional Flagship Waterway projects are coming soon.

Page last updated: 12/02/20