The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) use monitoring and reporting to enable smart decision-making in water management and regional planning, and to track our progress towards Water for Victoria targets.


A range of monitoring programs provide important baseline data on the health of our water including streams and wetlands and enables us to make informed management decisions.

This data can now be accessed through the Water Measurement Information System.


Up-to-date summaries of Victoria’s water resources are easily available between the current water snapshot, the monthly water report and interactive water in your region toolkit. These resources include information about rainfall, streamflows, storages, irrigation allocations, restrictions and water for the environment.

Victorian Water Accounts

Once a year, the Department produces the Victorian Water Accounts which provide an annual overview of water availability and use across Victoria at bulk supply level, including a detailed water account for each of Victoria's 29 river basins and 20 groundwater catchments. Current and past Accounts can be found on the Victorian Water Register website.

Online Victorian Water Accounts

The Online Victorian Water Accounts provide, for the first time, digital access to parts of the yearly Victorian Water Accounts. The 2018-19 Online Victorian Water Accounts cover the surface water distribution system sections of the accounts. The platform allows you to explore the use and availability in the river basin, water corporation or town of your choice using an interactive map. You will also be able to download datasets of past data for each basin. (for optimised viewing experience, please use Chrome browser)


Annual Victorian Water Accounts highlights: a new online water resource

The Annual Victorian Water Accounts is a report designed to allow all Victorians to explore how we sustainably manage our water. Covering water resources, availability and use, and environmental water, the community can discover the highlights of the report in the online portal below (for optimised viewing experience, please use Chrome browser).

Graphic visualisation taken from the Annual Victorian Water Accounts highlights resource showing the various water sources including ground, surface, recycled and desalination.

Understanding water quality: a community resource

What is ‘good’ water? How do we monitor the quality of our water resources and why should we care? Victoria’s surface and groundwater systems are complex and to assist with the community’s understanding of water quality, we have created the online portal below (for optimised viewing experience, please use Chrome browser).

Screenshot from the Water Quality visualisation showing a tap with reader options overlayed

Page last updated: 17/09/20