REALM is a Windows-based computer program that can simulate the operation of both urban and rural water supply systems during droughts as well as during periods of normal and high streamflows.

REALM is a computer program that can simulate simple water supply systems as well as large and complex ones such as the Goulburn irrigation system in south-eastern Australia.

Download REALM software now.

REALM is distributed as public domain software and can be downloaded for free. REALM was developed more than 20 years ago and has being superseded by Source.

This webpage provides the most updated user manuals and files.

REALM was retired in 2022, and as such, these resources will no longer be updated. Nonetheless, the files provided on this webpage are the latest as of January 2022. These files reflect the accumulation of decades of development in REALM software.

Lake Cullulleraine, image credit: DELWP

Lake Cullulleraine, image credit: DEECA



The download file is a self-extracting compressed file containing all the files required for installing REALM.

This file should be downloaded into a temporary directory, unzipped and run to extract the installation files including a setup program. Run the setup program to install REALM onto your computer.

Download the software using the link below:

REALM software Windows version 6.28 (Self-extracting EXE 11.6 MB)

Note for new users

REALM is a specialist computer simulation package and its use requires a high degree of technical ability

The REALM user manuals explain how to install and run REALM and describe the program's attributes

Getting started manual (PDF, 858.8 KB)
Getting started manual (accessible version) (DOC, 199.5 KB)

User manual (PDF, 3.5 MB)
User manual (accessible version) (DOC, 1.9 MB)

Worked examples manual (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Worked examples manual (accessible version)(DOC, 937.0 KB)

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